The Soulƒood

It was an unforgettable experience bringing together 27 artists in the beautiful showroom at Founded By Garcia last November in Toronto.

It was an incredible experience to bring together 27 artists in Nathaniel Garcia's beautiful showroom at Founded By Garcia last November. This event could never have happened without the help of our partners in Toronto, Laura Fyles of Outloud and Marnie Mancini who worked tirelessly to help us pull off this incredible weekend filled with art, friendship and collecting. The space at Founded by Garcia is a perfect blend of modern architecture and contemporary design and lent itself perfectly to showcasing our eclectic collection.

Most of all it is this incredible group of talented and inspiring artists that made this event possible. Caroline Savaria, CSRK, Jennifer Toole, Christo Saba, Louis Au, Martin Schop, Verona Sorensen, Pierre Choinière, Theo Willemse, Kristin Sjaarda, Joël Roche, Shelley Savor, Naty Howard, Franck Turzo, Robert Hamilton, Suzanne Paquette, Giovanni Pittalis, Véronique Roche, Barkas, Marc Kandalaft, Kathleen Finlay, Sonia Haberstich, Geza Kokai, Hyla Fox, Margarita Ecclesiarchou, Theodora Chorafas, Ilias Christopoulous and Sophie Manessiez presented by Keramikon. 

We kicked off our event on Friday night with a the beautiful and haunting music of Tamara Williamson . This was followed by a weekend filled with Art Talks by Theo Willemse, Verona Sorensen, Naty Howard , Geza Kokai and Dimensions Framing . On Saturday night, Montreal artists Christo Saba and Marc Kandalaft traveled from Montreal to present Christo's light, sound and motion show Confluence and Marc's photographic projection 33 33 33. In honor of Hyla Fox, who passed away from cancer in 2014, a silent auction was held for Urban Decay - Vacuum, a limited edition framed archival print with artist proceeds going to cancer research. Her daughter, Shayne Fox was present to introduce the work to our audience.

The pop up exhibition is over but The Soulƒood Toronto lives on. We have partnered with Chapi Chapo, a multidisciplinary design house with an international clientele, to host the work of our artists. The day we dropped off Sonia Haberstich's Celestial . A Chapi Chapo client came in and purchased several pieces for the house currently being designed by the architects.

A new partner of The Soulƒood is Keramikon. Based in Montreal, Keramikon is the initiative of Angeliki Kounenidaki a former theatre artist born in Greece. After living and working in Paris as well as in Athens, Angeliki came to Canada in 2012. She launched Keramikon, to create an artistic dialogue between Greek and Canadian ceramic artists. Angeliki traveled to Toronto to be part of our pop up.

Stay tuned as we prepare our next pop up exhibition, The Soulƒood Paris in June 2019 and as we soon introduce our online collecting experience. 

Best regards,

Kathleen Finlay, creator of The Soulƒood

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