The Soulƒood

Who we are


Kathleen Finlay

is the creator of The Soulƒood. Kathleen studied fine arts in Toronto until 1992 and has been a photographer ever since. She has shown her work in Canada, France and internationally through several exhibitions while earning a living as a commercial photographer. In the past few years, while living in Paris, her background studying fine arts came full circle with a photography project she began in 2013 of photographing artists in their studios.  Her desire to connect the work of talented artists with collectors in a innovative new multi media platform has led to the creation of The Soulƒood since her return to Montreal in 2016.

Marnie Mancini

is an artist, photographer, designer, volunteer, project manager and mentor. She initially studied Fine Arts at the University of Saskatchewan and then obtained her bachelor degree in interior design at Ryerson University. As an art collector, she has connected many artists to galleries and other collectors. Her volunteer work ranges from artist workshops for cancer patients to building search committee....helping MOCA find their new home. She has lent a hand to various charities and is a member of AGO Curator’s circle, Women’s Art Initiative and Partners in Art. Her desire to create and connect and unlimited amount of creative insight and energy was an integral part of bringing The Soulƒood to Toronto in November.

Laura Fyles

is the principal of Outloud, a creative firm specializing in strategic interior design. Laura has an extensive design background starting with visual merchandising then moving into interior design and finally ending up in strategic design. She has worked across Canada and within the Middle East. Laura did a brief exploration as a design educator and program chair at The Academy of Design, coming back into her own practice recently. Laura is a partner of The Soulƒood. Through her strong passion for design excellence and her desire to connect spaces and people,  she was invaluable in bringing The Soulƒood to Toronto in November.

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