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Joël Roche - Exubérance Végétative

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The original is a limited edition dry point etching. 

This is an unlimited and unsigned reproduction with permission from the estate of Joël Roche. Archival print on heavyweight, acid-free paper. Features a 1 inch white border around the image to allow for easy framing. 14x20 inches including white border. 

Born in France in 1939, Joël Roche devoted his life to the study, the practice and the teaching of dry point etching.  Winner of the Grand Prix de Rome, Laureate of the Institut de France and countless other prizes from the Académie des Beaux Arts,  Gold Medal recipient and Medal of Honor recipient from the Society of French Artists, his work was exhibited through out the world. He participated in countless exhibtions in France as well as Athens, Amsterdam, USA, Korea, China, Japan. Joël taught etching at l’Ecole d’Architecture de Paris as well as in his Montparnasse atelier for many years. Joël Roche passed away in 2014 in Paris leaving all his present and past students mourning the loss of a great teacher who touched their lives through his love of etching and his great humanity. 

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