The Soulfood  X  The Eddie

Our collaboration with The Eddie Hotel and Farm in beautiful Prince Edward County was an incredible experience: Toronto artists Kat Hernden, Naty Howard and Maciek Balmas were present during the weekend and stayed at The Eddie in their cozy cabins, our local artists Bill Stearman, Tom Ashbourne and Theo Willemse attracted  an attentive public for their artist talks. Artists Lea Belegris and Shelley Savor joined us for our General Public Event. We were able to connect several collectors with our artists' work. Everyone agreed that the curated collection fit in perfectly with the historical barn. Stay tuned as we begin organizing next year's event. 

 Download the Catalogue here and discover the work of Tom Ashbourne  Maciek Balmas  Lea Belegris  Kathleen Finlay Kat Hernden  Natalie Howard  Suzanne Paquette  Shelley Savor  Bill Stearman and  Theo Willemse

Suzanne Paquette. Farm to Table. Cotton, linen, up-cycled flour sack, table linens and clothing. 85x65 inches. Sold

Lea Belegris. Attica Summer Camp c 1951. Acrylic pencil and acrylic paint on canvas. 12x16 Sold

Tom Ashbourne. Ice . Translucent White Alabaster. Black Marble Base. 13H x 8W x 7D inches. Available. 

Sculptures by Tom Ashbourne. Art on wall from left to right; Maciek Balmas, Kathleen Finlay, Kat Hernden, Kathleen Finlay.

The Eddie co-owner Michael Von Teichman with guests at our opening event. 

Maciek Balmas, Papuros, Mixed Media Sculpture. Wall mounted. 32 x 32 inches. Available. 

Foreground: Sculptures by Theo Willemse. Background : Sculptures by Tom Ashbourne

Kathleen Finlay. The Pool House. Acrylic Painting on wood panel. Wood shadow box frame. 24x30 inches. Available. 

The Eddie Hotel and Farm

Paintings by Kathleen Finlay

Various 4x4 inches paintings by Shelley Savor from the Life Series. Kat Hernden Painting. 

Shelley Savor . Complete Surrender.  4x4 inches Gouache, watercolour, acrylic, pencil, collage mounted on wood panel. Sold. 

Naty Howard painting. 

Our opening night event. 

Artist talk by Bill Stearman, modern quilt maker. 

Bill Stearman. Canada Day 2021 . 215 pieces of orange fabric quilted using text from the United Nations definition of genocide from 1951. Commercial cotton. 54x70 inches. Available. 

Theo Willemse. Double Form. Wood and Indiana Limestone Base. 30 H x 14 W x 21 L inches. Available. 

Sculptor Theo Willemse giving an artist talk.

Naty Howard . Summer Forest 2021. Acrylic on Canvas. 5 x 8 feet . Diptych. Available. 

Kat Hernden. The Cold Shoulder . Acrylic and embroidery thread on canvas. 36x36 inches. Available. 

Maciek Balmas paintings and quilt by Bill Stearman

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