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Theo Willemse - Orbit #1

Coming Soon

The original is a limited edition Matrix sculpture cast with base. 

This is an unlimited and unsigned photographic reproduction printed on heavyweight, acid-free paper. It features a 1 inch white border around the image to allow for easy framing. 22x25 inches including white border. 

Born in Amsterdam, Theo Willemse studied fine arts in Toronto majoring, in sculpture under Wyndhem Lawrence. He further apprenticed with sculptor, William McElcheran and received mentorship with stone carver, Leonard Oesterle.  Theo gained experience in the lost wax process for bronze casting while working at Artcast Foundry. He later taught sculpture at The Koffler Centre. Theo Willemse is highly developed in multiple disciplines which is evident in his extensive array of sculptural, furniture, painting and design projects found both nationally and internationally.  Since 1971, Theo Willemse has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions in Canada and has been represented by Gallery House Sol, Merton, Koffler, Contempra and Spazio Dell’Arte galleries in Toronto. His work is part of several private and corporate collections the US and Europe. Theo Willemse’s artwork and design attain high standards, using diverse materials such as wood, bronze, plaster, Matrix, stone and concrete to express his narration through form.  Theo and his partner, Patricia Thornton debuted a concrete sculptural furniture line, titled Patheos Studio, at The Soulfood in Hudson.

“The core of my work is to expose the beautiful balance that lives within ourselves...A perfect balance of the masculine and feminine, allowing the humanity to speak through the forms and layers of skin. With each breath comes a new level of understanding, a clear vision and a fearless execution. All of this is threaded with humility and vulnerability. A rising love of consciousness that’s flowing with inspiration then echoes into the work …”

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