Pierre Choinière

Plisse #6

Limited edition photograph featuring textile by Issey Miyake. 

1 of 5 Printed on heavyweight, acid-free paper and archivally mounted on a 1/8 inch hardened Masonite with a 3/4 inch natural pine molding at the back 

25.8 x 32.5 inches

$1000 CAD

Born in Canada, World-renowned photographer Pierre Choinière has immortalized widely acclaimed advertising campaigns for fashion powerhouses Christian Dior, Charles Jourdan and Chevignon, to name only a select few. Following his apprenticeship at the School of Modern Photography in Manhattan, notably studying under Yousuf Karsh, he very rapidly established a foothold as a photographer in Montreal. A pioneer in Quebec fashion photography, Choinière is among the first photographers to have worked for Clin d’œil and Elle Québec. After moving to Paris in 1988, he became a household name in fashion advertising photography, working with the likes of Issey Miyake, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Carole Bouquet. Pierre Choinière now resides in Montreal, Quebec where, after owning 2 galleries and supporting the work of many artists for several years, he decided to go back to his first love and has since documented through ongoing personal photojournalistic projects, his travels to Morocco, Mongolia and throughout the world.


Marc Kandalaft


Photograph printed on archival paper. Limited edition. 1 of 25. Unframed.

16x24 inches

 $400 CAD 

Marc Kandalaft is an artist and a designer of French-Lebanese and Armenian descent. He was trained at the ESAG Penninghen School in Paris, where he worked for several years as founder and creative director of Marc Kandalaft Design. He is now based in Montreal, Canada where he recently launched Rap, a progressive design agency specialized in brand identity and artistic direction.. Marc’s photographs, both serene and disquieting, conjure a sense of “pleasurable discomfort”, as he himself puts it. Serendipitous details are charged with visual intrigue. Images are snapped quietly, as though they were suspended, both literally and metaphorically. They stand still in the manner of a whisper, akin to holding one’s breath. Central to Kandalaft’s photography are the notions of silence; of omissions, and of transient passages.


Giovanni Pittalis

The Encounter

Mixed media sculpture on painted pine base. 

H18 x W7 x L21 inches

$900 CAD

Eco-artist, Giovanni Pittalis, was born in Cagliari on the island of Sardinia and studied fine art fashion, and public relations in Florence, His love for fashion led him to London, England where he worked as an illustrator, fashion stylist, art director and personal assistant. He spent 2 years at Jim Henson Productions then finally as a public relation representative for Flyte Ostell Ltd, a leading high fashion label based in London.Trough his international travels as a public relation representative, Giovanni Pittalis met a number of inspiring artists who fueled his desire to create his own designs.  Giovanni followed his dream, sold everything, left his job and moved to the island of Bali in Indonesia where he was inspired to create his own label, G.P. ltd., a line of smart casual clothes In hand woven cottons, silk and linens. In Asia, Giovanni launched a line of furniture and home accent. The first D-Store Bali shop was opened in Ubud and a second one followed later in Kerobokan, Kuta.Following the September 11th bombing in New York and then the one in Kuta, Bali, Giovanni came to Toronto on holiday and ended up finding his home there. Giovanni Pittalis is now based in Toronto where he creates dynamic sculpture mixing man made fibers with natural and found materials.

Suzanne Paquette


100% cotton. 

30x40 inches

$675 CAD

Born in Canada, Suzanne Paquette is the creator of modern, original heirloom quilts. Suzanne approaches each quilting project as a way of helping people build meaning, beauty and history into the objects of their lives. Each quilt is designed to transform memories into something tangible. They tell the story people want to tell for themselves and for future generations. Suzanne Paquette studied millinery at Sheridan College, Apparel design and fashion at Ryerson University in Toronto and silversmithing at the Saidye Bronfman Centre in Montreal.  She helped direct design, branding and development for 12 years at Cirque du Soleil while continuing her work as a creative director, designer and speaker with her own design firm Atelier Six. Her book Modern Memory Quilts will be released in January 2019. Suzanne Paquette lives in Montreal


Kristin Sjaarda

Pink Peony and Clematis  

Digitally printed photograph on 

100% habotai silk scarf. 2013. 

36x52 inches

$225 CAD

Born in Canada, Kristin Sjaarda has been a fine art, commercial and editorial photographer for 25 years. Inspired by the flora and fauna from her local Toronto neighborhood and the variable light coming from her studio window, she creates large scale photographic still life compositions influenced by her Dutch roots, particularly the 17th century still life paintings of the Dutch masters. As an avid gardener, the flowers growing right outside her very window are often featured in the images. She recently began creating the unique wearable and washable silk scarves featured here and hand made in Canada. Kristin Sjaarda lives in Toronto.


Theo Willemse


Concrete and steel side table.

Table top:  16.25 inches circular. Base: H18 inches x W9 inches x D3.5 inches. Bottom steel plate: 13 x 17.5 x .25 inches (not displayed)

$4500 CAD

Born in Amsterdam, Theo Willemse studied fine arts in Toronto majoring, in sculpture under Wyndhem Lawrence. He further apprenticed with sculptor, William McElcheran and received mentorship with stone carver, Leonard Oesterle.  Theo gained experience in the lost wax process for bronze casting while working at Artcast Foundry. He later taught sculpture at The Koffler Centre. Theo Willemse is highly developed in multiple disciplines which is evident in his extensive array of sculptural, furniture, painting and design projects found both nationally and internationally.  Since 1971, Theo Willemse has shown his work in group and solo exhibitions in Canada and has been represented by Gallery House Sol, Merton, Koffler, Contempra and Spazio Dell’Arte galleries in Toronto. His work is part of several private and corporate collections the US and Europe. Theo Willemse’s artwork and design attain high standards, using diverse materials such as wood, bronze, plaster, Matrix, stone and concrete to express his narration through form.  Theo and his partner, Patricia Thornton debuted a concrete sculptural furniture line, titled Patheos Studio, at The Soulfood in Hudson.

“The core of my work is to expose the beautiful balance that lives within ourselves...A perfect balance of the masculine and feminine, allowing the humanity to speak through the forms and layers of skin. With each breath comes a new level of understanding, a clear vision and a fearless execution. All of this is threaded with humility and vulnerability. A rising love of consciousness that’s flowing with inspiration then echoes into the work …”


Kathleen Finlay


Photograph. Limited edition . 4 of 8. Unframed archival print on heavyweight, acid-free paper. 

31x38 inches 

$1500 CAD 

Born In Montreal, Kathleen studied fine arts at York University in Toronto. Since 1992, she has exhibited her fine art photography in Canada, France and Internationally in several solo exhibtions. After moving to Paris and studying drawing and sculpture for 3 years, she returned to Montreal in 2016 and returned to painting, specializing in large scale acrylic paintings on wood panel while continuing her photography work. Kathleen’s multi media project Starfall was exhibited at La Tohu in Montreal, Habourfront Centre in Toronto and published  by Red Deer Press in 2012. She is the creator of The Soulƒood.  Kathleen Finlay’s  work explores the purity in nature contrasting with human interaction and man made structures. She is fascinated with symbols that remind us that life is fleeting and transient. The austerity of her landscapes are dotted with traces of our passage and illustrate the idea that nature is immense and that our part in it is ultimately insignificant. Vanita


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