Keramikon presents Theodora Chorafas 

Flowing Earth 


21.5 x 7.75 x 20.75 inches and 19.75 x 7.50 x 14. inches

$2800 CAD 

Born in Greece, Theodora Chorafas has been a ceramic artist for 40 years. Theodora believes that ceramic creation is a life practice. As Theodora Chorafas practices, a sort of dance happens between the clay and herself: clay yields the imprints of her becoming while still obeying its own laws and physical limits. The more Theodoara Chorafas evolves in this practice, the more she gives herself the freedom to let things happen. She plans less and less so as to be more present in the here and now, to become a channel. Theodora hardly uses any other tools than her own hands and her focus is on low fire techniques, keeping in tune with ancient Greek traditions. 

Verona Sorensen

Just Passion (Pink, Punch Love) 

Oil, wax and sand on canvas with steel frame

40x36 inches

$5700 CAD

Born in Montreal, Verona Sorensen completed a BFA at Concordia University and embarked on a painting career when she was invited to apprentice with the Dormice art collective in Europe. After 2 years of training in Austria and in Italy, she moved to Ajijic, Mexico to study encaustic painting. Verona Sorensen’s extensive exhibition history includes solo shows at the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver, Artfirm Gallery in Calgary, Ajolote Arte Contemporain and Haus der Kunst in Guadalajara, Mexico. In Montreal, she has also had solo and duo shows at La Maison de la Culture Rosemont and at La Maison de la Culture du Plateau Mont-Royal, as well as exhibited at HollingerCollins Contemporary Fine Arts and at Gallery D’Este.Verona’s work is featured in prominent international group shows at the Pushkin Gallery in Massachusetts, the SJCS gallery in Washington, D.C., the Art Gallery Le Logge in Assisi, Italy, and at the Woolff Gallery in London, UK.



Digital Illustration.    Printed on archival paper.    Unframed.    Limited edition of 25

18 x 24 inches


CSRK  is a Montreal-based artist primarily using the street as a canvas. Inspired by the pop culture of yesterday and today, he mixes characters of fiction and symbols of everyday life to create his own universe. A "Paste up" artist,  he also explores painting, stencil and graffiti on various media. CSRK believes that making art accessible to all is important through pricing and accessibility.




Fiber, glue and acrylic.     79 x 31 x 9 inches

$10,000 CAD

BARKAS is a creative team, Ann Bartok (born in England) and Olena Kassian (born in Canada) . Each woman, both long time artists in their own rights in sculpture, painting and multi-media joined forces in 2011 to form a very diverse partnership. Together they create large scale sculptural pieces integrating re-purposed materials with new ones. The two artists find themselves in an exchange between natural process and their vision, resulting in a successful resolution when both parties achieve balance.In 2015, they were commissioned by Hotel Le Germain to create 120 wall sculptures, similar in form only, each, an individual, unique piece, calling this series Cloud 9, suggesting happiness, bliss and contentment. They are currently at work on a large scale corporate commission in Columbia. Barkas often work in collaboration with architects and interior designers to build pieces that will meet the requirement of a specific and unique site. They live in Toronto.

Jennifer Toole

Nike Stands

Photograph. Signed archival print. 1 of 1 in that size.  

11x14 inches

$300 CAD

Born in Plantation, FLA, Jennifer Toole is a photographer & director best known for her medium format fine art nudes. Jennifer’s photography has been published by Vogue Italia, People, Glamour, Huffington Post UK, The Daily Mail, Toronto Life, ELLE Canada, i-D, Complex. In January 2015, she launched a feminist website with Caitlin Stasey to worldwide acclaim. Jennifer Toole’s current project ‘The Goddess Array’ breathes new life into ancient goddess archetypes. The work aims to create a space laden with large, strong, free, & contemporary goddess iconography for viewers to revel within. The work was displayed at Only One Gallery and Milk Glass Co. both in 2016 in Toronto. A photo book of the completed series of all forty goddesses is in the works.

Martin Schop

Zwanenwater I and II

Digital Print on Archival Paper.    Edition of 5.  Image mounted on Dibond with floater frame structure.

40 x 50 inches

4000$ CAD 

The series If there is a lake, the swans will go there was photographed in the coastal regions of the northern part of The Netherlands, where Martin Schop originates. The dunes are historically a place that protects the country from harm by creating a natural barrier. These exceptional sites now bear the status of a protected space, becoming a sanctuary where man is forbidden to enter. The dunes, a symbol of strength and protection, are at the same time extremely fragile. In his work, Martin Schop addresses the act of contemplation through observation of the landscape. Taking inspiration from Dutch painters by the likes of Jacob van Ruijsdael and contemporaries, the landscape is portrayed with an intense affiliation for nature. The process used to create these images is that of large format pinhole photography. In this process, the passing of time plays an important role: the image can take up to several hours to register on the sensitized plate. This allows Martin to observe and reflect upon the scene, making the act of photographing analogous to the act of meditation. Revisiting familiar places is not only the exploration of a personal past, but also a reflection on the history of a place and country.

Hyla Fox

Urban Decay - Vacuum

Archival print on Hahnemuhle PhotoRag 308g paper.   2 of 50   . Unframed

20x30 inches

$500 CAD

Born in Toronto, Hyla Fox was an educator, author and in the later years of her life, became an award-winning photographer. Her work included images of people, flowers, nature scenes, and still life compositions. But what she most enjoyed capturing were crumbling interiors that she found when accessing abandoned properties.  Hyla Fox’s life was cut short in 2014 when she lost a quick battle with a rare and aggressive from of endometrial cancer. This is the first time that any works from her 2011 Urban Decay series has been shown. 

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